Our journey to becoming Cannon Valley Graziers began in 2018 with a request to graze a local family homestead with the goal of restoring the land…

Our Mission

As community graziers, we work to create effective ecological solutions to a myriad of ecosystem, food, and fiber needs. Diversity is our driving force. We keep a diverse flock of Jacobs, Rambouillet, Poly-pay, Katahdin and St. Croix sheep because we believe a diversified flock can best address a variety of grazing projects, the needs of a localized grass-fed lamb market, and provide quality wool products. Our triple bottom line approach is not a new phenomenon, but we believe it should be applied to agricultural enterprises in order to create flexible, sustainable solutions. Thus, sheep, with their grazing and foraging instincts, as well as natural fiber and meat production are an excellent animal for the cause. As farmers/producers we aim to educate our community members and customers about this dynamic relationship between ecosystem management, food and fiber production.

As farmers and producers, we believe our work and the work of all agrarians is public service, but it doesn’t end there. Together we have committed to becoming leaders within our local and state agricultural community, collaborating with fellow farmers to enact positive change. During the 2018 Minnesota Farmer’s Union Convention, both Arlo and Josie were delegates from Rice county district and they have recently began engaging in conversation with the Land Stewardship Project regarding the future of farming.

Organization MemberShips:

  • Minnesota Farmers Union

  • Sustainable Farming Association

  • Cannon Valley Grown

  • Land Stewardship Project


  • Minnesota Grown

  • North Star Farm Tour